​Step 1: Apply Formula 1 to zone 1 as a retouch.

Step 2: Sectioning: divide the head into two sections separating the left side from the right side. Remove the hairline in the front of the head this will be colored using the zone 1 formula and  acts as a face framing to outline the face.

Step 3:Apply formula 2 horizontally across the top of the glass then create circle pattern on the length of the  glass alternating formula 2 and combining formula 3 & 4 by dipping brush into each bowl .

Step 4:  Starting at the bottom take 1/4 “ slices lay sections flat on the glass and press from zone 1 through to the ends using 1 press method. Continue working up the head until you complete the entire section. To maintain even processing alternate application from side to side as you work through both sections

Step 5: Allow appropriate processing time and rinse an shampoo.

Step 6: Style as desired    

Get The Look 

Zone 1: Formula 1:  Base Color equal parts of East Village Violet & Midtown Magenta were applied to zone 1

Zone 2 & 3: Formula 2,3 &4  Hand Pressed Color Circle pattern using City Ballet Pink , Yellow Cab And West Village Sunset